The infamous Chuck Wendig

Fellow hoomans, I’m sharing a post from one of the most honest, open writers I’ve read – Mr Chuck Wendig. He discusses anxiety, and explains it beautifully in his own unique way. Love ya, Chuck xx
Folks, if you or anyone you know has anxiety or depression, have a read. You may well learn something, if only that you’re not alone.

The Time Tunnel at my house

I don’t mean to be late all the time. I know when I have to get up, I know when I need to leave the house, I know how long it will take me to get where I’m going. But something happens in between – there’s some kind of gravitational pull on the spacetime in my house and time passes differently to time in the rest of the world. It may be linked to my deep enjoyment of sitting  on the lounge with my cup of tea. It could be the time warp effect of Facebook, or perhaps the delicious warmth of the shower messes with the spacetime continuum. I don’t know. I do know that I’m quite frequently still running around half dressed when I’m meant to be at school. Breakfast is usually something portable gobbled down on the way. And lunch is frequently left in the fridge by accident.  But if I’ve not been able to resolve the problem by now, in my 44th year, chances are it’s a lost cause. The rest of civilization might just have to get a little zen about it and accept that that’s just the way it is. Sorry folks.



Thoughts on mortality

A sombre tone for my second post – my grandmother passed today and I’m pondering the nature of life and death. When I was a little girl, Nan cooked and sewed and knitted with me. In recent years those things were beyond her, but I think of her often when I use the skills she taught me. All that knowledge, to be passed on or lost. I wonder how many skills are lost forever because they weren’t passed on, how many people are poorer for the loss. Lifetimes of accumulated knowledge that disappear with the passing of each person.
What I’ve learned today is this – share the wisdom. Pass on what you know.

Hello world!


My first post is a link to a story of mine that recently came third in the Short Fiction Break writing contest. When the organisers contacted me to find out the details of my website I had to tell them I didn’t have one. Big author no no.

So, after much I.T. reading, wrestling and general confusion, here is my new blog site – yay!

I hope you enjoy my story 🙂

One with the Water by Leanne Howard